Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Talkie Walkies

Deck lights up a cigarette but Paige snatches it before he could puff some. She is making smoke rings now. They decided to walk smoking and passing the last cigarrette like a stick of marijuana. A nice day for walking. The sun was hiding behind the clouds. Warm but shady. Breezy but no drizzle.

"Look.” “The Love Bus!" Paige yelled over the street noise.
" Should be in the junk yard by now".
"Are you sure it‘s The Love Bus?"
"I'm fucking sure."
”You never ride buses.”
“I do.” “It’s fucking therapeutic.” “Seeing someone driving in the same fucking road every day.” “He’s more fucked up that I.”
“So you get off on that.” Deckard trying to look surprised
“I guess” “And the people who ride on it. Same street. Same route. Same highway. 24/7. Now that’s even more fucked up.” Paige with eyes rolling up.
“Yeah. Fucking Love Bus.” ‘Sponsored by Trojan magnums’ Deckard deadpans.
‘Fucking Pervert”. Magnums?. You? More like BBs.’ Paige trying to match Deckard’s sarcasm.
“The fucking Love Bus.’
“Fucking Love Bus.”

“How about The Love Train?”
“Won’t work. Too crowded.
The Perv Train is more like it.”
“Nah. Too embarrassing. “Remember the train ride October last year?” Somehow Deckard regretted he said that.
“Fucking hell. Don’t start this shit.” Paige looking away.
‘Sorry, unintentional. It’s more of a previous chapter for me so it’s fucking nothing. Really.”

‘Sorry, I’m a bit shakin’ up.”
“By the Perv train story? Deckard trying to lighten the mood.
“No, something else.’
“It’s obvious.’ He said softly
‘It’s obvious. You’re shakin’. Looking in her eyes.
“I dunno. Need some smokes.” Paige looking away.
“You want to talk about it?”
“In time. I’ll be in El- Lay on Thursday. Catch a gig. Got some tickets and the grant has been approved. Have to at least show up.’
“Nic Endo?”
“Yeah. Endo.”
“Don’t want to talk about the grant. It makes me feel “Intellectually Snotty.” I kind of like the feeling. I get off showing it off to hapless friends.”
“We’ll you are snotty, snobbish, bitchy and….”
“And you fucking love it.”

Nic Endo

Nic Endo (born January 7, 1976) is a Japanese-German-American noise musician who played with the German digital hardcore group Atari Teenage Riot. The daughter of a Japanese mother and a German father, Endo was born in Texas, US.

She lived in Frankfurt from 1994 to 1996 and later moved to Berlin.

Nic Endo joined ATR while they were on tour in 1997 and was involved with the production of their final album 60 Second Wipe Out.

After ATR effectively broke-up in 2000, Endo released an experimental solo album entitled Cold Metal Perfection. Released by Fatal Recordings, an explicitly feminist offshoot of Digital Hardcore Recordings, Cold Metal Perfection was named as one of the top 20 albums of 2001 by Alternative Press.

In 2001, Endo assisted in the production of Alec Empire's solo album, Intelligence and Sacrifice. She has also since been a part of Empire's touring band, and was also involved with his follow-up album Futurist (2005).

Her trademark is her black leather and white face paint overlaid by the Japanese characters 抵抗 (teikō), meaning "resistance".


Random Talkies

Tuesday 9:00 AM. Random day. Rainy day in a noodle shop but not having noodles. Sorry, not in Hong Kong. It could've been ripped off a Wong Kar Wai movie but no. It's just a typical conversation between male/female friends who rarely see each other. This conversation would never work with two males and two females talking. Why? For males it would require the push of alcohol. For females the topic would always go back to shopping.

"Pass the chili"
"Is this really chili?"
"Sauteed in garlic."
"Shee-it, sauteed."
"Burns like fucking acid." "Gives the food flavor" "Keeps your mind off the cholesterol" "Shits good." " Here."

He puts half a spoon of this wonderful concoction red chili sautéed in garlic while retaining the oil.

" Fuck, it burns". "And you ain't even sweating... for a girl."
" Emma Frost is my name". Paige deadpans.
"You're a Marvel chick after all."

Deckard slapping the table and pointed at her fingers shaking. (Doing a Crispin Glover Back to the Future impersonation)

"Of course" "and you are...."
"The Apache Chief" “I get to have the biggest dick in the world in just a say of a word!"
"Ha ha, Super friends 1975." "You are fucking old." Paige in a rare laugh.
"I got a DVD.'
"People always have DVDs of old shit." Paige trying to stop his Quentin-ish mouth.
"Citizen fucking Kane" "You gotta have Citizen Kane." "Jimmy Dean." “East of Eden." Deckard continues. "This shit is quite good. Changing the topic for once. “I can't believe it's just wet rice and tripe." "That reminds me of an aunt's recipe, tripe and all." "I was expecting it would look grotesque but it doesn't" "She's definitely the queen of presentation."
"Isn't that Callos?" "I kind of tried it already" Paige trying to end the monologue.
"Yeah, that's right."
“And I thought seafood is light.” “I gained weight”. An offhand remark. Paige is definitely the queen of such.
“Girls and their weight.” “ What the fuck is the connection between seafood and callos? Decks sarcastically asks.
“I don’t know. Random thought.” “Toothpick.” “Fucking tripe.”
“ Here.”
“ Got to do it in the restroom.”
“I’ve seen your gums before.” “ And something else.” Deckard deadpans.

Gives him the middle finger.

“Wait here.”
“Aw c’mon.” “Going to the restroom to get tripe out of your gums?”
“None of your fucking business.” “Girl thing”.
“ Oh.” “Why didn’t ya say so.” “Need help?”

Gives him another middle finger

I don’t know if he just completely ignores her insults or he’s just cold. Anyway two could play that game and trading insults are just a way of life for these two.

“Are you eating this?”
“Yeah.” “Don’t touch it”. “I’ll be back for it.”

Girls restrooms. Why is it that it stays immaculately clean while the boys room looks and smells like a pigsty. If you don’t agree could you stand making whoopee at the boys room? Someone raising a hand? Fuck you. Slob.

She returns from her soiree. Perhaps after flossing the teeth. Powdering the nose. Girl thing.

“Where were we?”
“I don’t know.”
“Citizen Fucking Kane?”
“Yeah, Citizen Fucking Kane.”
“Orson Fucking Wells.”
“Seen that 9 hour movie?”
“Attempted to.” “I gave up after 5 hours” “Went in at 12 noon right after lunch.”
“Were you the last one out?”
“I won’t start any film school arguments with you.”

Paige an art student while Deckard is a self taught musician and engineer. Both are film buffs and argues a lot.

“Try me.”
“You could actually tell that story in two hours.” “Too many unnecessary parts”
“Taught you that in film school?” “Where people see too much films with sub titles and read too much Oscar Wilde.”
“See.” “You’re always too personal in your attacks.”
“Coming from a non-film school background I give a bitter sting of the truth”
“The movie is just showing-off.” Deckard continues.
“Guess so.”
"Who's getting this?"
"It's your turn."
"Why do I get the feeling that I have been cheated."
"Whatever Johnny Rotten, pay the tab and lets get the fuck out of here."