Wednesday, 11 August 2010



her invisible friend
locked in her mind
she comes out for tea time
On the on the outskirts of her head

her invisible friend
slightly insane
the one who holds the whip
The one who holds the reins

her invisible friend
got infectious eyes
sometimes tells I'm the best
a pack of lies

her invisible girlfriend
in the train station
trashed the flat
no medication



Splitted into two
One of me's addicted to you
One of me begs to let go
The other can't stand me, the other can't stand you

Ceaselessly fighting for control
One incites, the other consoles
Each demands the wheel
Neither ceases to be real

Why are you so keen to forget?
sweeter in deep regret
Pain explored to the end
Hide it and it might never mend

Spill bitter tears
Doesn't it feel good?
Blame yourself, blame her, blame the world
Envy every boy with a girl...