Friday, 24 September 2010


Phonebooth Conversations

Decks: “Let me guess, payphone, Eco-Park.”

Paige: ”Right, Eco-Park.” “One of the last one standing.”

Decks: “Ain’t it dangerous there?”

Paige: “I look like a bag lady.” “Relax.” “And it’s in the afternoon here.”

Decks: “Why can’t you use a cell phone like normal people.”

Paige: “Who says I’m normal, dear.”

Decks: “I guess not.” “You could do it at night next time.” “Like a film noir shit.”

“When are you coming back, anyway?”

Paige: “Well, I feel that Mr. Unattached is actually making me answer a question.”

Decks: “I don’t require an answer.” “Just an honest question.” “Your friends are also asking.”

Paige: “Not right now.”

Decks: “Look, if you need time alone, Just say so.”

Paige: “How’s Lana?”

Decks: “She’s here.” “She is in this band now.”

Paige: “Goebells?” “The Neo-Nazi’s?” “Or is that what they want us to think?” “Anyway, why not let her play in your band, Decks.

Decks: “I don’t think so.”

Paige: “Is it me?”

Decks: “No, hurry home, will ya? “I don’t want to talk about it over the phone.”

Paige: “Sorry.” “I was…”

Decks: “With Ron Jeremy…” “I know.”

Paige: “Always finding a way to make me laugh.”

Decks: “I aint rich nor good looking.” “Well, just…”

Paige: “Shut the fuck up.”

Decks: “Ok, I have this quirky good looks that art chicks go crazy about.”

Paige: “Oh stop.” “Heard about the gig last night.” “Was it that bad?”

Decks: “Anyway, we were covering The Swans and moron sound guy started acting like a fucking wanker.” “Then Lana threw a paper cup of beer at him.” “I’m surrounded by troubled females.”

Paige: “Aren’t you surprised you ended up with one?”

Decks: “I’m not yet sure.” “

Paige: “Hey, hang in there.” “Trust me on this.” “I just need to find my shit and I promise I’ll hurry home.” “No replies please just a yes.” “Could you trust me on this?” “Can I hear a yes from you?

Decks: “Yes?’

Paige: ”No question marks please.”

Decks: “Whatever you say.”

Paige: “That’s not a yes.”

Decks: “Yes.” “But isn’t this the other way around.” “I feel we’re like Sid and Nancy.” “And you’re Sid.”

Paige: “And don’t you fucking like it?