Friday, 20 August 2010



Hermann Goebells. misspelling intended so it isn’t obvious where the name came from. Well, It's actually obvious but just for fuck sake it is a monicker of the band taken from two German officers in World War II. Hermann Goering of the Luftwaffe and the infamous Joseph Goebbels. Deckard Lee, the founder, was named after Frank Deckard, a Blade Runner. Brilliant novel. An even brilliant movie. Ain’t it cool when your dad actually names you after a sci-fi character? It’s fucking brilliant to be exact. Citizen Kane? Blade Runner will fuck Citizen Kane. Twice.

“ Got a light?”
“ Where’s yours?”
“I don’t have one.” “Oh, here it is.”
Takes a long drag after lighting.

“They sure got caught.” said he. And again offhand.
“Who? What?”
“She and Him.” “Uncompromising.”

“I thought she broke up with her… you know, her ex.” He did know her ex. And she is a she. A Chrissie Hynde type.

“Her?” “I love her already.” Somehow what she’s saying is true.
“Uncompromising as in, in the act? She added.”
“As in bathrobe and a sleeping guy.”
“ I guess he still has a key.” "Lesson number one: always get the key back."

“ She moved on fast” he said smirking.

“ What’s with the side comment?”
“Hey, before you go ballistic. It’s just an opinion. It could be good or bad but that’s just it.”
“ A fucking bad opinion.”
“ I guess it is.”

She lights up too. Takes a long drag. And looks at him. And smiled. One of those rare smiles.

“Are we just talking about other people?”

“Oh shit. We’re like the rest of them.” He laughed too.

“Ok. We did.” “Fun wasn’t it.” “Now, let’s play a game of …Who’s fucking who?

“Asshole.’ kicks him in the shins in jest.

Only with him did she laugh hard. No amount of comedy could. Well, Monty Python perhaps and him.