Thursday, 19 August 2010


walkies talkies

12:56 MN. Wednesday. Random dead guy. Stab wounds. Robbery victim. Unidentified. IDs were probably inside a wallet thrown somewhere after taking the money. Single? Perhaps. Married with kids? Maybe. I guess life is just random. It ends. Just another random episode of CSI.

“This is the last time I’m lighting up.” Paige on her second straight cigarette.
“You said last time, last time” Deckard reminding her.
“I mean this is perfect”. “A cup of coffee.” “Smokes.” “And a lot of mindless conversation.” “Just mindless, trivial shit” “You can’t ask for more.”
“And don’t ya start another break-up-would’ve-been-could’ve-been-story”. Deckard adds.
“I’m not about to start one.” “Besides, it’s all the fucking same.” As she takes a long drag.
“You must’ve hated that asshole.”
“Not really.”
“I figured ya just made up twice this year.” With that evil smirk on his face that is up to no good.
“Aha, Are you taking count of all this?” With a hard slap at Deckard’s back.
“Nah, I wasn’t listening to your stories but you somehow manage to sneak this person between one them”.
“I guess…” Silence.
“I get it, no need to fill the lines.”

Long Silence.

“The coffee.” The guy has perfected the art of ill-timing.
“What?” she was caught by surprise.

“Does it wake you up?”
“The mushrooms gives a stoney feeling.” “I couldn’t really find a word but it has a stoney feel to it.”
“No fucking way, let me try.” He grabs the cup and pushes her aside like a 10 year old. Paige hits him back in the head. He sips.
“Fuck, it’s just coffee.” “A disgusting kind, and why do you keep drinking this shit.”
“I don’t know.” “Taste good with smokes.” “Got some more?”
“Go buy your own.”
Gives him the middle finger. “C’mon, share the loot, asshole.”
She lights up. Again.

Long silence.

“This coffee is shit.” “What the fuck is it?”
“With the Chinese herbs.” “Mushrooms.” “Yeah, mushrooms.”
“Should have put weed in it.”
“This is not fucking Amsterdam, duude.” “Read my lips.” “As in Jeff Bridges, Duude.”
“Fucking Amsterdam.”
“There’ll be chaos here if they legalize the shit.” She added.
“I disagree with that.” “I couldn’t elaborate, but I definitely disagree.” Deckard disagreeing, duh!
“You just disagree.”
“I just disagree for the sake of disagreeing.” “It’s a strange fucking habit.” “And who says I’m fucking normal.”
“I wasn’t even going to open my mouth.” Paige taking along drag. She’s not fucking normal too.