Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Shitter 03

What’s wrong with music today? Do you really have to fit everything in a genre. Like Indie. Fookin’ Indie. Is it really about the music? Or is it what the people are wearing. Such pretensions. It’s really quite shitty that you listen to a particular kind of music but you need a corresponding footwear or a brand name for it. Fred “Fucking” Perry. I dare you. Wear a Hanes t-shirt and some Vans in a so-called indie gig. You’d see eyes looking at you saying “This ain’t an EMO gig”. Even a goatee is out of place.

Have you noticed lately? Rockstars are squeaky clean and corporate sponsored. I haven’t seen ‘em clad in rat thinned jeans and old shirts or even in battered chucks. It’s all about sponsorships nowadays. Here’s a middle finger from dear Jello!!

Record labels. What does it take to have a record label? I could only see one or two good ones. Indie record labels are quite a story. Lot’s of hard work marketing and circulating the acts but In P.I. (Philippine Islands) it’s a status symbol. I have a record label and I have bands. I’m fookin’ Tony Wilson.

Covering Indie bands. Only in P.I. They’re Indie so they don’t care about the mainstream. Here Indie bands cover indie bands. Covers. So much covers. We’re all fucking monkeys.

Guitar Hero killed Rock and Roll. I’ll take a real guitar anytime. What’s the matter you wimps? Can’t handle the blisters in your fingers? A guitar controller is not an instrument. If you started playing the guitar months ago you could’ve been good by now. I fear the future.

Human Subjects – Hermann Goebells (Steven Hiller Mix)A 25- minute remix of a noise track recorded and preserved in 1935 in Krakow, Poland. The weird noises were taken during the construction of the now infamous Krakow Concentration Camp during its testing and dry run. It’s was known that dogs and rats were the test subjects. The Steven Hiller Remix was recorded live during a gig at Krakow, Poland. They weren’t allowed to have a gig at the actual site due to political reasons.

Musicians make music because they want to. Not to satisfy the masses. Musicians that satisfy the masses are an abomination. Why satisfy someone who doesn’t even know what they’re talking about. Pop has shot itself in the head. Pop musicians in the past won’t make it today because they don’t fit today’s standards. Is it because they’re not talented enough for today’s standards? A big middle finger. NO. The answer is they’re too fucking ugly! Stevie Wonder (does anybody know that a lot of assholes are covering his song?) won’t make it because he’s BLIND. So do Ray Charles. All the handicapped greats. They won’t make it today. You got to have an image. Talent is optional. And we thought Diana Ross was difficult. At least MISS ROSS has the big “T”. Big Aretha won’t make too because she’s too big. Eric “god” Clapton won’t make it because he could play the guitar and not the guitar game pad. I’ll name the who’s who of pop music and music producers would tell them to bugger off if they start auditioning again. Still don’t believe me? Two words. Bob “FUCKING Dylan. That’s three words.