Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Screenplay 4

Salvation – Through the Lens – Opening Bass Line



The city skyline in glorious black and white. Ironic, because we’re supposed to highlight the orange hues of the sunset.


A few commuters board. It’s past midnight. The station is about to close and the rail workers are about to go home too.


Lou: Whaddya think?

Stu: Of what?

Lou: The music, asshole.

Stu: You don’t need to cuss,…

Lou: (Interrupts before Stu finishes the sentence) Bitch?

Stu: Female dog would be appropriate. But I was thinking whore.

Lou: Hits him in the head.

Quiet for a few seconds

Stu: It was quite good actually.

Lou: A compliment. From you? I don’t think so.

Stu: It is. I’m giving you one.

Lou: I haven’t shown you “it” yet.

Stu: Well, why ask in the first place?

Lou: Hits him again.

Stu: (Grabs her ass)

Lou: (Punches him this time)

Stu: Alright I give up (laughing). There’s nothing to grab, really. (keeps laughing)

Lou: (She keeps punching him until she got tired) I hate you.

Stu: What happened to that butt workout video?

Lou: ( About to hit him again) I hate you.

Stu: No seriously. I heard the tape in Macy’s apartment.

Lou: I recovered all the stuff in it. It’s all on the computer now. And this is for you. (Hands her a CD).

Stu: For me?

Lou: For Macy. You don’t get any.

Stu: Fuckin’ hell. I was the one who found the tape.

Lou: which you took and it ended up at your girl’s place

Stu: She’s not my girl.

Lou: Whatever.

Stu: I’ll give it to her. No worries. Probably in a couple of days. Got to finish some stuff from work. And materials for the next gig.

Lou: At Orange Melvins?

Stu: Yup. On the 29th. With a Jap girl. Endo something.

Lou: Nic Endo. You’re so bad with names! We’re playing there too. John the promoter just buzzed me.

Stu: Me too. Why not form a Superband of sorts.

Lou: Great fucking idea. But I get to pick the name.

Stu: Hey, it was my idea.

Lou: Not anymore.

Stu: Oh fuck. Alright.

Lou: We’ll go over some stuff. Meet you on Tuesday?

Stu: Wait. I’ll be doing some article things with Macy that day.

Lou: We’ll bring her. We’ll have some brew and then some.

Stu: Oh alright.

Went off the train and down the train platforms. They both walk along the sidewalk. Stopped at a small deli. They bought big cups of coffee and continued walking on the sidewalk. Until they reached Lou’s apartment.

Lou: This is me.

Stu: Apartment slash zoo.

Lou: Have you ever bathed in boiling coffee.

Stu: (smiling) Have to go dear. Lots of fucking deadlines to beat. (Kisses her on the cheek)

They hug. And he’s on his way.


Stu: Oh. Before I forget Lou wants you to have this.

Macy: Tell her thanks.

Stu: You can tell her that later. Unless you have other plans.

Macy: No. No plans. I could show her the article I wrote.

Stu: How come she gets to be on your magazine….

Macy: (Interrupts him) Fanzine

Stu: Fanzine whatever and not my group.

Macy: Quote unquote. We don’t need the extra press. We’d like to stay in the underground and gain our cred that way.

Stu: Who said that?

Macy: You. Sober.

Stu: I did. Did I? Oh well. I wasn’t drunk that time so I couldn’t remember. If I was drunk I could’ve remembered it.

Macy: (Shaking her head. Eyes rolling.)

Stu: What?!!

Macy: Continues walking and Stu tries to follow her.


A loud three way banter ensues.

Stu: I’d love to do a ballet with art noises in the background.

Lou: That’s… I think that could work.

Stu; It’s like classical composers giving it a twist.

Macy: A twisted “Giselle” or “Swan Lake”. We could actually pull it off if there were open minded dancers. Which I think I could find somewhere.

Stu: That’s just a wild idea thrown around. It’s not that serious.

Macy: Well, I am.

Lou: Now you’ve done it, Stu.

Macy: Seriously. You guys have merged art, noises and film. You have critical acclaim. And what’s next.

Stu: The lady has a point. But ballet? Are you serious? From editor to producer? Is this your next gig?

Lou: Producer?

Macy: Stu is just exaggerating.

Lou: Very humble.

Macy: Ballet might be mission impossible. I’ll just finish some stuff get my work published then we’ll get to it.

They continued talking making jokes. A conversation that made sense. They laughed amd laughed.

A WAITER approaches.

Waiter: (Tom Waits Cameo) We're closing now.

Lou: (checks watch) Hey, it's two in the morning!

Stu was busy paying the check. Lou and Macy exchange a warm smile.