Friday, 4 September 2009

Shitter 02

Bowery Gig - June 15 1975 – not CBGB.

9:00 – Kicking back with a few beers, snorting a line or two and waiting for things to unravel. The club isn’t much. It was pretty humid on a summer night with a smell of alcohol, cigarettes or even urine inside the club. A band soon to be recognized as “The Shmucks” were finishing their set. 30 songs in 15 minutes. Fast, breakneck, rowdy and loud. The body count? Three injured. One needs to be brought to the hospital. I doubt that they reached their destination. Probably recovered halfway, made a detour and ended up buying speed. Next up was a band whose sound was just endless machine shrieks. Dear Lou must’ve heared them before he made that snappy album dear Lester really loved.

Speed heads were getting really restless. The noise was getting intolerable. No one even hears a bottle break. All they could see was a guy bleeding in the head. A riot ensued. It was insane. It was like a Marx brother silent movie. The noise was drowning everything. Fuck, we didn’t even hear the cops coming. The toll? Several we’re arrested for possession of illegal narcotics, some we’re held for assault and resisting arrest. Tunnel 02 was the band playing that night. The band was responsible for serious aural injuries. New York state hospital reported almost 100 patients with minor ear damage. All of them were coming from the same gig. “Nicey nicey. Fuck ‘em all, Let them ears bleed” Callum White – Tunnel 02 sound engineer .
We give tribute to awesome bands say like Joy Division or The Smiths. So we’re INDIE. But secretly wankers from these bands are listening to 50’s soul music, or even Motown. Or even Bowie. But the so-called indie people don’t even mention Bowie or my evil twin Ziggy Stardust. Why isn’t there a Bowie tribute? Not Indie enough?

New York 1975. It isn’t a fashion statement or a trend that doesn’t need to be revived. It’s not MTV where you recycle trends. It happened. Leave it. Joey Ramone is dead. Leave him.

LP’s sounds definitely better. Digital sucks. Can you stand music without a trace of bass? What’s wrong with your fuckin’ ears.

Only in this country where you can hear Joy Division played by a band note for note. Haunting. Even Joy division couldn’t play their songs note for note. People can’t just leave that guy Ian alone.

Control – Anton Corbijn
If I was dear Anton I wouldn’t make a film about Joy Division. Too sellable. Too many swooning girls in the theater. Too many Joy Division tribute bands.

Band comebacks
It’s like Paul McCartney’s band calling themselves “The Beatles”. Thank god for dear Yoko or else The Beatles would be singing “No More Lonely Rice”. That’s right Paul, How do you really sleep?

Enough Black Sabbath Covers already. If you have the urge of playing the songs, use a real guitar. A guitar hero controller ain’t a guitar you fuckin’ dumbass.

Beatles Rockband video game – Beatles are the easiest songs to play on the guitar. Are they kidding? Are kids too lazy to learn the guitar.

Drunk banshee – aren’t they suppose to be loud and shrieking? In another track by Liam O’ Connell and Tunnel 03 they were joined by Sara Dunnigan and lo we were treated to a haunting number with Steve Jones (not Pistols) providing the fucked up bass lines and accented by Mike Collins (astronaut’s kid on guitars). It was recorded at Gurney Studio’s Limerick Ireland. For an upcoming album we hope but for now an EP would be mostly appreciated.