Friday, 27 August 2010


5:20. Rainy Tuesday afternoon. Random girl walking with a transparent plastic umbrella. Perfect for walking. Not too hard. Not too windy. Walking with a lot on your mind. With a heavy heart. Wanting to drink away the afternoon. Perhaps a shot on the veins. Don’t to want to make the blood shot eyes obvious. Shitty day. Perfect weather but shitty day nonetheless. Their smiling faces. What are they smiling at? Something overpriced? Shopping? It’s in the female gene. The art of spending. Fuck spending. To hell with poverty by Gang of Four. Good song. Good fucking song.

“Nice shade of black.” “Which is different from the shade of black you were wearing yesterday.” He said.
“You have a way with compliments.” "Blunt with a thud." she added
“I mean, you’re not fishing for one now, right?” He said sarcastically.
“I was never fishing for compliments.” “Ever.” Her eyes rolling.
“So, what’s with the bag lady thing.” “Aha, shopping!”

“Piss off!” Hitting him with the bag.
“It’s definitely in the female gene.”
“I just got something I probably won’t need.” She said sighing.
“Which is?”
“Something I won’t probably need.” She is trying to be incoherent.

“We’re not jelling here.”
“Who says anything about jelling?” “I’m ignoring you.”

“Hey look.” “Elephant on the clouds.”
“Cloud looks like an elephant.” “Nimbo-stratos” “Nimbus or whatever.” “It’s going to rain.”
“No it’s not.”

“ What’s that?”
“Is there such brand?” She knows the brand but just for the sake of talking.
“It’s European.” “Got it from duty free.”
When were you out of the country?”
“We sent Paige off at the airport.” “Got these and some Jack’s.”
“I could use some Jack’s.” she said

“Nimbus.” “Yeah, fucking nimbus.” “With a long elephant trunk.” Looking at the clouds. another offhand remark.

“What do you have in there.” asking her about the unlabelled brown paper bag.
“Stuff.” “Oh, and I got this old Stone Roses 11".” “The dude has no idea what he is selling.” “It was a fucking steal.”
“The Stone Fucking Roses.” "You never liked them." He said sarcastically.

“What would you do if your ex starts calling?” He is fucking good at changing topic in the middle of the conversation.
“Is that the question?” Her trying to ignore it.
“Fuck you it is.” “Which ex is giving you hell?” “The one with the long name?” “Or the one with the trying-to-be-cute name?” Smirking.
“I don’t know. I haven’t been calling them.” “Why should I?” “I might fuck up their minds, like what’s happening to you right now.” "Fucked up over a girl." She said bluntly.

So, what about the ex?”
“Are you finished?” “Are you supposed to be helping me on this?”
“What kind of help?” “I’m kind of short on cash.” He said smirking.
“Fuck you. I’m serious.” Hitting him in the head.
“Shit. That serious, eh.?” “Damn. Fuck him.” “If it’s fucking your mind up, don’t even bother.” “At least gimme some alcohol.” She said smiling.
Jack’s okay?
“Jack’s fine.”

Jack Fucking Daniels.