Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Train ride home. Dusk. People talking out loud about their shit. Keep it to yourself please if you’re not asking for my help. Just don’t tell the whole world about your shit. That’s what it is. Shit. I’m not against you and we’re all in this shit together. But I got to take care of my shit. And your shit is better off with your kind. But don’t get me wrong. I support your shit.

“I thought that would never end.”
“What?” she asked as she removed her headphones.
“The Smiths.”
“Are you eavesdropping?”
“I could hear it.”
“What happened to the Talking Heads?” He was listening to the heads before.
“It ended a minute ago.” “I reckon I’d eavesdrop on normal people.” “Like that woman she’s going abroad.” “That guy is talking about his work.” “And showbiz.” He was being sarcastic as always.
“And we’re talking about people talking about things.” She said smirking.
“I figure.” “I find you ghastly and irritating.” She told him.
“And I find you obnoxious and screechy.” He snapped back.
“I mean what is that voice.” “It’s like a screeching tire.” “And that laugh.”
“I’m not getting mad.” “Fuck you for hating The Smiths.” she said in one of those half smiles.

“Show some love for The Smiths.”
“Over Fucking Rated.” He said smiling.
“Now now.” “That’s not the way to treat genius.”
“While you’re at it.” “Fuck Belle and Sebastian too.”
“Now that’s shit.” “What the fuck is really going on with you.” “It’s Lana right?”
“What?” “I’m not answering that question." "I'm not even listening."
“I’ll let this hang. The unknown is a wonderful place to be.” "I got the quote from you." Telling her.
“What fucking if?” she said.

Their talkie shifted to the gig that happened the previous night.
"Why don't they get a real sound man?" Don't they realize that bands won't play there if their sound system fucks up?" She was in a complaining mood.
“It was that bad, eh?” “What’s on the phones?” He was trying to change the topic.

“Crappy techno playing on my earphones.” “It's so fucking bad that it has this campy factor going for it.”
“It's still okay because "The Masses" haven't devoured it yet.” Him telling her.
"The Masses", the "FUCKING" Masses, the supposed majority.” “It looks like we were better off when Hitler and his so-called psycho cohorts were on the driver seat at least we had neurotic geniuses controlling our path to destruction.” “We're all going to die anyway but dying without knowing is like shyte.” “Assholes would milk you of your last cent and you leave your love ones fucking broke.”
“Finished?” Him smiling at the rant she gave.
“Fuck, yeah.”
“It’s me who’s supposed to let off steam because of a botched gig.” smiling but exasperrated.
”Fuck, I’m a girl. “We all have issues.” “I wasn’t at the gig.” “Sorry.”

“Why weren’t you?”
“Migraine.” touching the sides of her head
“Sorry.” “I’m not sounding angry am I?” “I was just…” “I don’t know… you weren’t there.” he was fumbling each word.
“You were looking for me?”
“Not exactly looking.”
“What does that mean?”
“I’m just saying that you weren’t there.” “That’s all.”
“Now that’s sounding angry.” She said smiling.
“I’m not.”
"Your ears are twitching." She said laughing.
“Yeah, it twitches.”