Tuesday, 19 August 2008


"A British film about the life and death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, starring a first-time actor, has earned a rapturous reception in Cannes."

The BBC is indeed one of the most credible source of information in the free world. (for now) It seems the movie itself is a triumph of sorts since the band kept its anonimity for so long that it's fitting that they finally get the recognition they are getting. And the penny drops. Getting the recognition from the MTV is not the recognition the band truly deserves. I guess the band should just take the money and run since money has a big mouth these days. Well, gone are the days of Van Gogh where artist go on with their works uncompromised. The bloke never heard the word "royalties". The cover of an MTV band (name witheld, because I f*ckin' hate the band) of a song they first played in Granada didn't help (I find bands doing covers an abomination). Perhaps covering a song live is forgivable but relaeasing it, well that's another story. Giving stupid fans amunition for saying the remake is much better than the original is outright blasphemy. Well, thank God for Factory records for keeping the masters. Or else Ian would hang himself again for hearing what MTV had done to his music. Oh, the movie was good.

Prime Directive

The new Star Trek will be out soon. I have reservations on it because in our minds William Shatner is Captain James T. Kirk and no actor comes close. They can try.